Who we are

Elms is a design studio
owned and run by independent
designer, typographer, type
designer and calligrapher
Blondina Elms Pastel. We are
governed by our passion for the profession and the principle
that form follows function.
What we do

Simple or complex
we research, conceptualize,
present and produce two-and- three dimensional design
in all visual
communication areas
including custom lettering
& typeface design.
How we do it

The client interacts directly
those working on the
project and
hence the client’s
is not diluted
or lost due to layers
bureaucracy and functionaries. We work methodologically but with
a critical and innovative vision.
Why choose us

We are here for one major
YOU. We are in it with
you and
for you through the
and the lows. By cutting
all the
bureaucratic red tape,
you pay
for experience.