Basic Services

Corporate identity design

We research and conceptualize graphic and typographic elements such as layout principals (grids), graphical principals (treatment of visuals), typographic principals (treatment of messages), chromatic principals (definition of a colour scheme) for the project. We also provide a corporate style guide for the identity system developed.

Lettering & typeface design

We hand-draw and develop
custom lettering and typefaces
for cultural, food, sports,
fashion and lifestyle identities.

Web design

With over 10 years' experience in the web development business, we provide powerful web based solutions that deliver results. As the designers we work intimately with our team of planners and programmers.
Information system design

We develop both internal and
external way finding systems.
They may be two dimensional
or occupy the space in three
Environmental design

Including the conception and
development of exhibition
(booths …), store window
graphics and store window
decor, vehicle graphics
Editorial & Book design

These can sometimes be very
complex projects, but we love
a challenge. We adore these
projects as we can employ our expertise in layout style,
typography and information
Supplementary Services
Media services

We have experience
in the english and french
caribbean market. Our services include
media planning and media booking.
Copy development

This includes copy development, writing and editing for diverse projects.
Brand logistics

Our brand strategy tools
help determine the essence of
the brand and define a brand
portrait that creatives can
work with.
Design consultation

We propose functional and aesthetic design ideas for graphic design, fashion and interior design projects.
Communication supports

We design for multiple supports whether it be for a section of the project or the entire project. Supports such as posters, magazines, annual reports, labels packaging, brochures, press ads….
Image creation

We develop mascots (fixed or
animated) and create images
both digital and by hand for
use on book covers or in books or magazines….
Multimedia design

Animations, both two-and-
three dimensional graphics,
interactive cd’s,
as well as
We create caption spots for
TV airing for commercial and
public interest entities.


We have over 25 years' experience in calligraphy and specialize in traditional and modern Latin calligraphy scripts as well as in ornate calligraphy. Our calligraphy services are perfect for weddings, luxury events….