Books, journal articles, conference contributions, and theses

Peer-reviewed book contributions

  1. Impedovo, M. A., Elms Pastel, B. (2022).
    New forms of teacher and teacher educators professional development: From blended learning to social networks. In Impedovo, M. A., Khalid, Md. S., Kinley, K.  & Yok, M. C. K. (Eds.), Blended learning in higher education. Aalborg Universitesforlag. Link

Peer-reviewed conference contributions

  1. Elms Pastel, B. (2020, March 16–18).
    CAD or Analogue Tools? Investigating the Relationship between CAD and Knowledge Mobilisation in the Design Activity of Graphic Design Student [Paper Presentation in a Themed Session cancelled]. Fourteenth International Conference on Design Principles & Practices, Brooklyn, USA. Link
  2. Farsy, S., Elms Pastel, B., & Tortochot, E. (2017).
    The design cognitive process using digital instruments: an enlightening design activity of secondary school pupils. In G. Pritchard & N. Lambert (Eds.), LearnX design London 2017: The allure of the digital and beyond (pp.39–52). North Greenwich, London: Ravensbourne Publications. Link


  1. Elms Pastel, B. (2017).
    Quel rôle l’outil numérique joue-t-il dans la créativité et l’assimilation des connaissances au sein de l’activité de conception graphique chez des étudiants postsecondaires ? Une proposition de recherche doctorale. Master mémoire, École supérieure du professorat et de l’éducation, Aix-Marseille Université. Link
  2. Elms Pastel, B. (2011).
    Are children sensitive to typeface design? An analysis of research (1911–2010). Master dissertation, Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading. Link