What’s in a name? As unique as my name Blondina is, so defines my journey as an individual, a designer, a teacher, and a researcher. This extraordinary journey from Barbados, the most easterly island in the Caribbean, and across the Atlantic Ocean, has brought me here, writing today about my motivation for pursuing doctoral research.

The future of design is important to me and my journey has led me to question the impact of digital tools on the design activity of students in graphic design; leading to a desire to contribute to the development of scientific knowledge about the impact of digital tools in the teaching-learning design situation. This could mean advancing the teaching of design, and therefore the apprenticeship of design. Ultimately, this may also strengthen the place of designers and design in society. In addition, I am pursuing a career in academia, and a doctorate would give me the qualification and open up opportunities to continue this research.

I wear my name proudly and to carry the name Dr Blondina Elms Pastel would be an honoured enhancement.


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