Looking for a workflow to help you transcribe and analyse your audio and video data? Here’s a solution.
You will need:
• a media player (VLC media player)
• a text editor (Microsoft Word)
• a QDAS (Atlas.ti)

In VLC media player (see image below) the space bar is set by default to Play/Pause. To change this, head over to the Preferences menu. In the Preferences menu, the Hotkeys tab (1) allows you to modify and select your hotkeys. I recommend to also set hotkeys for playback speed.

VLC media player interface: Modify hotkeys

In Microsoft Word, the transcript should be formatted as follows (see image below):
• timestamp should be formatted as follows: [hh:mm:ss];
• each speaker should be separated by a hard return.
I recommend to set up AUTO-text for recurring items. AUTO-text will allow you to create, store and reuse content. Here is a link about creating reusable text snippets in Microsoft Word: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/create-reusable-text-snippets-0bc40cab-f49c-4e06-bcb2-cd43c1674d1b

Transcribing and ATLAS.ti Workflow_MSWORD
Transcript formatting

In Atlas.ti Mac 8.4.4, import your media. With your audio or video file selected in the Project Explorer, select the transcript dropdown menu (1) and then select Import Transcript. Once your transcript is imported it will appear in the Document Display Area next to your media file. Ensure that Synchronised Scrolling (2) is selected, and play the media file. You will observe the transcribed text is synchronised with the audio or video file. If you want to edit the transcript to add or modify the timestamps, select Edit Transcript (3). The existing timestamps will appear in green. Atlas.ti Mac will soon have an edit documents feature, this means you will soon be able to edit the text in the transcript.

Transcribing and ATLAS.ti Workflow_ATLASti1
Atlas.ti Mac interface: Import transcript
Transcribing and ATLAS.ti Workflow_ATLASti2
Atlas.ti Mac interface: Synchronised scrolling
Transcribing and ATLAS.ti Workflow_ATLASti3
Atlas.ti Mac interface: Synchronised scrolling
Transcribing and ATLAS.ti Workflow_ATLASti4
Atlas.ti Mac interface: Edit transcript

Now you are ready to code and analyse your data.


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